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What is Reflection Writing?

What makes Insight Writing so special? Begin Write Reflect Boosts benefits by combining writing + mindfulness! Laura shares more in this short video.     Visit the Workshops page for upcoming events. Or, book a private session for yourself or your treasured circle of favorite people.      

Family History: They Were Story Changers!

Tomorrow is Family History Day. The day honors the busiest day ever recorded at Ellis Island. April 17, 1907 was a milestone date, with 11,747 immigrants passing through towards their dream of making a new start in America.  Family History in Context Ellis Island is a symbolic place to many Americans, primarily those whose ancestors […]

Transitions are Trying — 5 Tips for Letting Go

If there’s one theme that’s followed all of my professional career, it’s this — transitions are trying. Why Transitions are Trying In reality, the best use of change management skills were surprisingly — or not so surprisingly — during the 15 years I worked as a real estate agent. Change stinks! What I witnessed first-hand […]

Shifting Into a New Year: 2020 End of Year Journaling

Pleased to have an article featured on Insight Timer Blog — the very important topic of processing the year that was 2020, and letting it go. Enjoy the article on their website, or below.  2020: A Year With No Transitions Laura Stukel explores the shifting states of transition and suggests three meditative journaling practices to […]

Roll Into a New Year – Together with Your BFFs!

You know what we all need to close out this crazy year? Supportive time with the friends we miss the most! This virus may have created barriers and challenges, but we can still create connections. And take steps together to help with healing and hope in the year ahead. Gather your friends to explore three […]

Self-Care This Holiday Season — Yes, Please!

Self-care is more important than ever right now. Had the honor of talking with Leah Hope from ABC7 News last week about tips for self-care this holiday season. From ABC7 News: How to self-care, improve mental health amid pandemic holiday The video and transcript article includes some great advice on different options for self-care. Dr. […]

Create a Giving Mindset: The Power of Your Journal This Holiday Season

I’m thrilled to be featured once again on the Insight Timer Blog with a special article about mindfulness this holiday season. Copy below or click to on their website. Create a Giving Mindset: The Power of Your Journal This Holiday Season The holiday season approaches, and it will be one like no other. Amidst a […]

December Inspiration

I’ve always been fascinated that so many of the world’s religions honor a festival of light around the darkest time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, this season feels especially dark. But there’s always a light if we look!  For the month ahead I invite you to find ways to celebrate the light. […]