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Reflection Writing in your journal is an amazingly simple tool. Most amazing because it’s a secret no one really knows about.

Learn the Simple Power of Reflection Writing

In a quick moment of mindfulness after you write in your journal you can capture the wisdom within. Be your own self-development coach, identify that next big idea, give yourself the quiet hug you might need.

Want to learn more? Join me for free drop-in sessions on Wellness Writing Wednesdays. We try different prompts based on seasons of the year, current events and more. But we always end with a reflection write so you can see the power of these insights for yourself.

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April Reflection Writing Inspiration & Wellness Writing Wednesday Drop-Ins

For variety and depth in your journal, see suggestions by date. Visit my blog for more info. Or follow me on your favorite social media channel for prompts as I post them.

Apr 14 / Wed Wellness Write (Perceiving family ancestor wisdom) free drop in*   
Apr 17 / Family History Day (Prompt: Resiliency in my family teaches me…)  
Apr 21 / Wed Wellness Write (Stream of Consciousness Writingfree drop in* 
Apr 22 / Core Tools for Your Journal Register on Dabble  90 min, Zoom
Apr 25 / DNA Day **NEW** Explore Family Connections: Known, Unknown & Even Hidden Register on Dabble  90 min, Zoom
Apr 28 / Wed Wellness Write (Prompt: ‘Could Have’, a poem by W. Szymborska) free drop in* 

May Preview: 

May 6/ **NEW** Explore Family Connections: Known, Unknown & Even Hidden Register on Dabble  90 min, Zoom
May 8 / Birth Mother’s Day (Prompt: ‘Dialogue with Ancestors – A Meditation for Journal Writing‘ in Insight Timer)  
May 13 / Journal to the Self  opens 6 week self-paced course


And, you can always find the latest tools, resources and courses on my website. For 2021 all courses are available as personal sessions just for you, or private group sessions and anyone special you’d like to include.





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Journal Power

Spread Kindness – Join FREE Journal to the Self Online

This is a tough time, but we’ll get through it. The best thing to do as a community is social distancing. But let’s keep spreading kindness. As my way of sending a little ripple of love and healing into the world I am offering three free Journal the Self Online workshops.

This is normally a six-week, self-paced program. But if you have extra free time and can commit to doing the class in half the time, I’d love to have you. 45 spots! You just need to commit to at least one hour of reading/journal work per day for three weeks, and be open to working on your own growth, creativity, stress reduction and self-care during this time!**

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Any book angels out there? There are two optional texts recommended for this workshop. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the books for anyone who is either under a medically-required quarantine, or for anyone who might have limited income right now. I will match you up with a student! Email with subject-header “Book Angel”. $35 donation.

** I am keeping in mind that this situation is very fluid and if your situation changes, I understand if you have to drop out.


LOL in Your Journal

Reflective Journal writing is so simple to do — and brings amazing insights. I also love those times when my journal absolutely makes me laugh out loud. It’s often when I need a humor break the most, or as I’m making some sort of delightfully profound connection — blowing away an obstacle that had been weighing me down.

It’s really fun for me to share a recent humor example that I think will stay with me forever. I’m reading Writing the Natural Way by Gabriele Rico. One of the activities is to use the Clustering technique as in Journal to the Self®with the prompt word


I have to admit I wasn’t overwhelmed with the exercise. But I sat down and began by adding words about the big, bad, scary things related to being afraid. And then I added a protective lower ring I called the ‘safe zone’. And I finished with a core that wrapped around and highlighted the powerful parts of being afraid (like learning and experimenting). I felt done with words and sketched a few lines to contain and highlight the groupings.

I put my pen down, again feeling underwhelmed. But then I shifted the page just a touch to review my Cluster.

And I laughed out loud.

Journal to the Self Online


Spontaneous ‘Afraid’ sketch above. Brain diagram summarizes my recent reading. Notice how thinking, emotional and safety/instinct words line up. Even a stem! (Albeit wrong anatomically).

Here’s the sketch that emerged from my Cluster, as well as an image that represents the brain reading I’ve been doing lately about our reptile brain, why it’s programmed to think negatively (to protect us) and how people can use journal writing as a work around.

Darn it if I hadn’t just sketched a whole brain! When I finished laughing I did the next writing step, to describe what happened in the Cluster. In just mere moments I combined items related to my personal goals and business vision, readings and research I’ve been doing lately, and topics I’ve been discussing with a friend. Talk about the time savings, good laugh and next steps all packed into one journal write.

Journal to the Self Online

Hope you have fun watching for the humor in your own journal! Whether you make yourself laugh, or inspire yourself with how super-smart you can be, I hope you can join me soon for a Journal to the Self workshop. It’s a fun and amazing experience of personal discovery. My next online class begins March 12. Apply coupon code ‘Envision2020’ for a discount.

Brain image source: World of Lucid Dreaming

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