Topics du Jour – Connecting Your Priorities

Topics du Jour is one of my favorite journal techniques because it’s so clever, simple and effective. The idea is easy – brainstorm the top 30 words that mean the most to you. Represent your own priories with names of people in your life, values or skills, your favorite activities or hobbies, etc! Then assign each to a number.

Now you are ready for Topics du Jour in your journal. Write about each topic on that date of the month. Let’s say your daugther was born on the 7th. So you assign her name to #7 and write about her on 7th of each month. Want to do a monthly check in about your finances? Maybe assign it to #15 since Tax Day falls on the 15th of April.

Check out this short webinar to learn more and set up your own Topics du Jour practice. And, learn why I write about ‘synchronicity’ on the 13th of each month!




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