Celebrating special people thru a Character Sketch

Most often, a journal write is private, just for your own use. But some journal writes can be a gift to others — like the Character Sketch. Today is ‘Christmas Card Day’ in honor of the first card being created in England back in 1843. It’s a great prompt to try a new journal writing technique.

The essence of a Character Sketch is pretty simple. Just call to mind someone special.

Use someone on your greeting card list as inspiration!

Take a moment to envision this person — with all of your senses, emotion and imagination. Then write. When you are done, complete with a short reflection.

This is a great tool when you want to understand someone a litle better — and often the takeaway of who they really are to you, and what the relationship means to you are words that are beautiful to share.

Character Sketch is just one of 18 amazing techniques I teach during Journal to the Self workshops. Learn more on the Workshops page (online and in-person session). Or, if you prefer to sample first, try a free technique, or let’s schedule a no obligation phone call to chat about how I can support your own change journey.



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.