Envision 2020 – What’s within for you?

Let’s face it. Anyone can set a resolution for the New Year. But what’s the difference among those that bring that January vision to life during the next 365 days?

The key is voice, poise and growth. Together you can create a new mindset, and simple practices that equip you to do the things that really set your heart on fire! And it can all be designed, refined, celebrated and boosted through your journal.

Watch my blog leading up to New Year’s Day for resources, inspiration and ideas on how you can Envision 2020 for yourself! Or take a peek on your favorite social media channel.

To start, let’s look at the core concepts:

Voice: your own truth

  • To define
  • To celebrate
  • To love

Poise: resiliency in each step

  • Turtle, then hare
  • Start slow, go big
  • Mindful, confident, patient

Growth: the start, the goal and the journey

  • Create a journal practice
  • Create the map
  • Embrace the path

It’s time for your own personal call to action: tell yourself the whole truth, faster; then go after it slowly, savoring each step,

Want to start sampling how you can work in your journal to Envision 2020? Check out my special page dedicated to just this topic!

Background image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.