Envision 2020: The honesty of your own voice

How do you create a mindset for a New Year, and build simple practices? It starts by giving a regular voice to your very own truth. And there’s no better place to do this than in a journal.

Have you made New Year’s resolutions before, but not followed through? Or does setting goals take you to a place of frustration and distraction? It’s possible that you’ve been focused on a concept of your dreams, but not your own truth.

Goals that come from someone else’s voice (especially our own ‘Inner Critic’) are counter-productive. Goals that come from a place of ‘should’ instead of ‘will’ don’t move very far. Goals that sound good only on the outside don’t have traction.

It’s hard to sit down with the blank calendar ahead and prioritize what you want the next 365 days to look like.

Your Personal Call to Action: Empower Your Own Truth

  • Do what you need to and protect the privacy of your journal. Add a ‘do not enter’ sticker in the front. Put a password on online work.
  • When you get started writing, remind yourself — the only audience is you. Come as you are, write as you are, reread as you are.

Remember it’s your voice — your own truth:

  • To define
  • To celebrate
  • To love

Want to start sampling how you can work in your journal to Envision 2020? Check out my special page dedicated to just this topic!