It’s Fall Resolution Time!

How many of us make New Year’s Resolutions … and then forget about them? Breaking the year into quarters is a great way to keep on track with goals and priorities, without checking and over-analyzing so much that we don’t make any progress. The changing of the seasons is a great way to open ourselves to the cycle of progress that is always with us in nature. Fall in particular is a visual reminder to check in!

The Journal to the Self workshop includes a journaling exercise called “Life Balance Inventory”. Resolutions that get defined but forgotten are often lost because they weren’t in synch with the overall balance of priorities. Likewise, “bullet” journalers can find they have great lists, but not a lot of results because they are moving too fast to act on the reality of their priorities. Until you can get into a Journal to the Self workshop, I like the “Balance Wheel” created by The Chopra Center as a way to think about priorities, and identify gaps between what’s currently in focus, vs. where you desire the focus to be.

There’s no better time than the Autumnal Equinox (this year on the 23rd of September) to think about priorities and life balance. Sketch out your own wheel, reflect on it, then write in your journal for 5-10 minutes with ideas for the fall. Don’t forget the signature element of the Adams Method for self-directed change through journaling: when you are done writing, read what you have, reflect on that and then jot a sentence or two of any follow ups that come to mind. It might be to record an emotion, a to do, something else you want to write about next time.