Journal Power

Spread Kindness – Join FREE Journal to the Self Online

This is a tough time, but we’ll get through it. The best thing to do as a community is social distancing. But let’s keep spreading kindness. As my way of sending a little ripple of love and healing into the world I am offering three free Journal the Self Online workshops.

This is normally a six-week, self-paced program. But if you have extra free time and can commit to doing the class in half the time, I’d love to have you. 45 spots! You just need to commit to at least one hour of reading/journal work per day for three weeks, and be open to working on your own growth, creativity, stress reduction and self-care during this time!**

Apply coupon ‘JournalPower’ at checkout to take the class for free. 

Any book angels out there? There are two optional texts recommended for this workshop. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the books for anyone who is either under a medically-required quarantine, or for anyone who might have limited income right now. I will match you up with a student! Email with subject-header “Book Angel”. $35 donation.

** I am keeping in mind that this situation is very fluid and if your situation changes, I understand if you have to drop out.