Let Go of 2019

Whether 2019 was amazing, or you want to forget it, it’s time to let it go. There are lessons in letting go – what hurts, what’s easy, things to repeat, things to never try again. The process of mentally letting go is a great activity for your journal.

List of 100 from Journal to the Self is a great technique for this. (You can read more about this clever and trusty tool in a previous post.) Write the inspiration for your list at the top — try:

100 ways to let go of 2019

Remember the tips: Write very quickly. Number as you go. Repeat, repeat, repeat is ok! If you get stuck, just write ‘stuck’ until the next thing comes.

Once you have a list of 100, reread it all — look for categories, patterns, themes and insights. Later in the list you will probably see an overall gift of wise ideas, look beyond the actual ink on the page for the insightful meaning and lessons. Synthesize this wisdom in a brief write to capture the ideas from the list.

Now write a reflection. What are your takeaways and next steps?

List of 100 is just one of 18 amazing techniques I teach during Journal to the Self workshops. Learn more on the Workshops page (online and in-person session). Or, if you prefer to sample first, try a free technique, or let’s schedule a no obligation phone call to chat about how I can support your own change journey.


Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash.