Listing Out the Next Right Step

Really inspired by the concept of one thing: the next right step. It’s about mindfulness, being in the present. It’s about stress management, just one step. It’s about change management/transition inspiration, each step leads to a bigger goal.

This theme is a great prompt for one of my favorite Journal to the Self techniques: the List of 100. List of 100 taps the best of your left (thinking) brain and your right (creative) brain. It’s fast-moving and fun and when I use it with an honest question, I always get surprisingly effective results.

Give it a try. Write the inspiration for your list at the top — try

My next step…

Here are a few pointers: Write very quickly. Number as you go. Repeat, repeat, repeat is ok! If you get stuck, just write ‘stuck’ until the next thing comes. The fascination kicks in once you have a list of 100. Reread it at that point, looking for categories, patterns, themes and insights that emerge. Don’t forget to write a reflection of the overall process or outcomes to wrap it up.

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