Repeating: Deeper Insights from Your Journal

Wintertime really calls me to slooow down. I’d hibernate if I could! So I always feel for the poor celebrity groundhogs who get dragged out of their cozy dens early each February 2nd to help us ‘forecast’ when spring will arrive. But the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ is one of my favorites. The message of embracing the ability to repeat, tweak, repeat, tweak again, and grow stays with me. 

So here’s some inspiration for your journal, using the power of repetition to tap insights. 

Just pick a prompt that stands out to you — a word, a question, the lyrics from a song. Set your timer for five minutes and write. Then repeat so you write five times with the same prompt. Be sure to do a reflection after each one, and then a sixth reflection after your read all five at once. 

You may choose to write for five days, spread it over a week, or do all the writes in one day. Whatever works for you! 

Visit the Workshops page to learn about more ways to tap insights with your journal, or test it out with a free sample!


Image by Dana_David from Pixabay.