The Season to Dream!

Pisces Season is upon us. A call to listen to our inner wisdom, intuition — and dreams!

Ever wake up with a dream and wonder what it means? Writing about it in your journal can help you sort out these messages and insights from your subconscious. See previous blog posts on Character Sketch, Unsent Letters, Artmaking, Springboards and other techniques you can use to explore the meanings of your dreams.

Want to inspire more dreaming and dream recall? Some tips: keep a notepad by your bed, remind yourself before you fall asleep that you’d like to remember your dreams when you wake up, jot just a few notes and/or a title in the middle of the night then fill in whatever else you remember in the morning. Last tip – the more you try to recall dreams, the more you will recall! Try it out for yourself.

Working with dreams in your journal is just one of 18 amazing techniques I teach during Journal to the Self Workshops (online and in-person session). Plus, all my students receive a cool pen with a mini flashlight to capture dream notes without disturbing your sleep. Join me and learn the insights your dreams hold for you.