Unsent Letter: The Airing of Grievances!

Whether you’re a Seinfeld fan or not, today is a big day – Festivus! To celebrate, all you need is an aluminum pole, feats of strength, and, the airing of grievances.

I find the episode so funny. But humor aside, the airing of grievances is an effective journaling exercise, the Unsent Letter. It feels so good to let it all out. You have your say, and it’s all one way – the floor is fully your own. When you feel like you’re going to explode, just let it all out. What makes this writing unique is that you NEVER save it. Be sure to include the process for destroying your Unsent Letter once you are done. It’s part of the release process.

If you need a prompt, here’s an option:

I’ve been meaning to tell you…

Once you’ve written your Unsent Letter, re-read it. I like to do a reflection separate from the letter. Often, this becomes the source of a letter or conversation I can have that’s more productive and two-way, or it’s an insight about what’s going on in a relationship or some sort of step I can take. Then, enjoy that process of destroying the original letter.

Release. Feels better!

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Seinfeld aired on NBC. Image from festivusweb.com